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My goal is simple: share mindfulness practices that will build an extraordinary life. As a motivational keynote speaker, I ask attendees to seek out areas of their life where they are getting ordinary results. Whether that is in leading their team, running their business or supporting others; ordinary won't cut it. Then, I guide them to put actions into place that will lead to extraordinary results in their life and business.


My keynotes blend high-energy music, body movement, breathing techniques and meditation. But most importantly, they include inspiring content with tangible strategies that attendees can use immediately to propel their results forward. 


How it works:

Keynote Topics

Best Life Formula

Are you ready to learn about the strategies that will help you life your BEST LIFE? This signature 3 step method will share how to build a thriving life and business. 


The Energetic Entrepreneur

Taking a good business to a great business requires the leader to have ENERGY! This formula from a motivational speaker helps develop the personal energy needed to excel at a higher level.

Beating Burnout

Look, we've all been through a lot lately! Whether you are struggling to rebound your business post-COVID, dealing with employee retention during the Great Resignation or just feeling like you're burnt out, this presentation can help you with practical tools to help you accomplish a RADICAL RESET! 



Live at Conference

“Wow what an incredible experience having Carisa Findley live for our conference. The 400 plus business partners walked out feeling as though they could take their business to the next level."

Tyler M.

Ready to Conquer 

"I've had the opportunity to attend several of Carisa's workshops, and I always leave ready to conquer my next goal! It's impossible NOT to have a good time in Carisa's sessions."

Tori K.



Virtual Summit

"Carisa was a highlight of our event! She managed to make a virtual speaking engagement just as interesting and fun as an in-person presentation. Carisa is a very clear communicator, with easily digestible ideas that are inspiring and action-oriented. Our attendees left with new ideas and a sense of purpose."

Jill R.


Such a Success

"Carisa Findley's 'Best Life Formula' was the absolute perfect virtual event for my company's women's group, [email protected]  Centered on mindfulness, Carisa presented practical, yet powerful, tools to help us live our best lives.

The combination of mindset, exercise, and meditation practices really hit home with participants. She showed us that simple, purposeful steps can take us from a life on auto pilot to our most extraordinary one!

Participants found her compelling, engaging, motivating, humorous and real.  

Carisa was extremely easy to work with and really listened to and achieved the goals I wanted for the session. She's an expert in mindfulness and delivered the content in a very approachable  and easy to understand way. The "Best Life Formula" is applicable to any gender/ age/occupation regardless of experience with exercise or meditation.

I highly recommend Carisa to any group looking for an energetic speaker with life-relevant content. You will be overjoyed with the results!"

Ashley O.

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