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This course is for people that want more...

More financial success, more love, more joy and vitality. Maybe you aren't even sure what "more" is to you yet...you just know that you are ready to level up.

  • You are the type of person that can feel the deep urge to move to the next level of your life. Maybe that's a new job, new romance, or more money in your bank account, baby!!
  • You've set goals in the past, but let's be honest...you probably failed at more than you achieved.
  • You finally want to dedicate the time and energy to get crystal clear on what the next level of your life looks like. 
  • Instead of just wishing for more, you are ready to harness G.O.Y.A. energy (that means "get off your a**!") 

If this sounds like you, keep scrolling my friend! I'll give you all the details about the program, including the tools and support you'll receive to live at the next level! 



By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • A Clear Vision For The Next Level Of Your Life

    You will know exactly where you are aiming. No more, "well, that'd be nice to have" or "maybe I'd like to have that..." Your path will be cleared you will be laser-focused.
  • Scientifically Proven Tools To Help You Achieve Your Vision

    Your brain will become your ally and you will have visualization tools to help you transform your thoughts into action. 
  • The Ability To Move Past Fear

    Your comfort zone will no longer be the place where your dreams go to die. You'll learn how to recognize and move past the fear of uncertainty. 
  • An Action Plan To Help You Start Moving Forward

    No more wishing for a better life...NOPE! You will be ready to take the action needed to transform your life.

"My learnings from Carisa have inspired me to STOP and really step forward in an intentional way. Everyone has doubts, everyone has negative thoughts and Carisa facilitates breaking through those barriers and realizing the potential that lives inside everyone."

Tony Zak, I/O Psychology Expert


"I've had the opportunity to attend several of Carisa's workshops, and I always leave ready to conquer my next goal!"

Tori Kornhaas, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Owner of the Everyday Yum


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Here's the story of my breakthrough...


I have a very special bench. This secluded, public bench is unassuming. It’s hidden at the end of a residential street in South Florida. I laugh thinking about the number of people who have sat at that bench unknowing of the magical powers it holds. It’s on that bench, at the end of my block, that I dreamed up the most incredible vision for my life.

From that bench, I pictured myself living in the mountains, sharing a home with my partner, having a career that allowed me to train and motivate people. I’d see myself driving home in my Volvo SUV with a view of the mountains as I was coming home to see my love. I pictured being filled with gratitude and joy. I’d replay these images over and over feeling a sense of certainty that this life is destined for me.

A few years later, I was sitting in a meditation and I was suddenly hit with a revelation! I opened my eyes and realized had done it! When I looked up, I saw the mountains from my home in Colorado. I could hear my partner getting ready for work. I had a career that I loved where I could train and help others. I had even driven my Volvo SUV that day.

That moment—that sudden revelation of I did it— is the moment I want you to experience! When you realize that the dreams you had for yourself are now your reality. That moment is when you realize your ultimate power.

What’s Inside


Module 1

Designing Your Best Life


This is the fun part - designing your extraordinary life! How often do you give yourself time to explore what a fulfilling and passionate life looks like? Well this, my friends, is your chance.

You'll learn a quick exercise to help prime your creativity. Then you'll get plenty of time to put into writing all the amazing things you want to achieve in your life. Multiple homes? A thriving business? A Porsche Taycan? Ok, now I'm just listing off my dream life LOL! Yours is up to you. You'll get to explore beyond the material possessions and reflect on how you want to feel and contribute. Then, you'll get to wrap up with a beautiful display of this incredible life.


Module Highlights:

  • Priming your creativity.
  • Free-writing time for exploring all the amazing things you want to achieve in your life. 
  • Discovering your best life beyond material possessions.
  • A picture perfect display for your incredible life.
Module 2

Visualizing Your Best Life


Did you love science in high school? Well, whether you geeked out on it or not, this kinda science will change your freaking life! In this module, we'll discover the power of visualization and how to use this mindfulness tool to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. I love learning about how powerful the brain is and this module will share some of the latest research on mindfulness along with 2 daily practices to help you make your brain your ally! 


Module Highlights:

  • Learn some pretty cool science about the effectiveness of visualization in helping you reach your goals.
  • How to use visualization to bridge the gap between dreams and reality.
  • Learn 2 daily practices to help you leverage the power of your brain to help you reach your goals. 
Module 3

Achieving Your Best Life


This is my favorite part, but I want to share a spoiler alert now: if you think you are just going to write down your dreams and picture them in your head and they will magically appear the next day - YOU ARE DEAD, FREAKING WRONG! You gotta do.the.work and sometimes you gotta do.the.hard.work!

If you're not willing to fully embrace this module, then this isn't the program for you. Here's why - all of the magical things that you want for your life...I actually want you to ACHIEVE them! I want you to wake up in your dream home next to the person you love with the sense of security that comes with financial freedom. I WANT THAT FOR YOU! So, this module has got to be the most important part for you. 

[steps off of soapbox] So, what does this life-changing module have in store for you? We'll talk about fear and how it is going to keep you from going after your big dreams and what to do when it happens (because it's gonna happen y'all!). You'll take those big, glorious dreams and break them down into little steps that will help you on your march forward. You'll also have clear next steps and learn some powerful affirmations that will keep you on the path towards your success! 


Module Highlights:

  • Learning how to overcome the voice of fear that holds you back from doing big things.
  • Designing a back up plan to help you keep moving forward, even on the tough days.
  • Breakdown your big dreams into little, manageable steps.
  • You'll have clear next steps to help you start your march forward.
  • Learn some powerful affirmations that will keep you on the path towards your success! 

When you enroll in this course

you’ll get:


Best Life Formula Online Course
(A $397 Value)


  • Three modules to help you Design, Visualize and Achieve your dream life

    You'll be laser-focused on what you want your life to look like and have proven tools and action steps to help you turn your dreams into reality. 

  • Two powerful (and scientifically proven) visualization strategies

    You'll have step-by-step instructions on how to use these practices daily.
  • Ways to cope with fear when you try to step outside of your comfort zone.

    You know that voice that says "F* Everything And Run"? Well, it's totally normal for it to get really loud anytime you try to stretch the limits of what you think is possible for yourself. But now, you'll have the knowledge to recognize it and tell it to "Face Everything And Rise"!
  • Specific strategies to implement if your progress loses steam.

    Look, I get it...some days you just ain't got it in you. Sometimes those days turn to months and before you know it, another year went by without you achieving the important goals you set for yourself. But, don't worry. We'll make an emergency backup plan for you to pull out in case you get off course. This time it CAN be different! 
  • Action plans that you can implement immediately. 

    You know what they say, "your dreams don't work unless you do." Well if you are "Here to be Great," that means that you are Here to do the Work! 



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$397 $99 



Plus...You'll Be Backed By A Risk-Free 14 Day Guarantee!

I want you to be GREAT and fully satisfied with this course! When you enroll, you'll have 14 days to try out the modules to see if this program is a fit for you.

If it's not, no worries! Simply reach out within 14 days of the course launch and you will receive a full refund - no questions asked.

Your Burning Questions All Answered in One Spot...

Still thinking about it?


This course is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You're ready to get crystal clear on the vision for your best life.
  2. You're tired of living an ordinary life with ordinary results.
  3. You are finally ready to do more than just look at your vision board...you are ready to take inspired action towards your dreams!
  4. You are ready to commit to a consistent practice to help you accelerate your results. 
  5. You know that you are capable of MORE - more love, more financial success, more energy - and you are ready to manifest your best self.
  6. You are ready to renew your inspiration, passion and excitement!



I can’t wait for you to join us!

A few years ago, I found myself looking at my vision board and feeling disheartened. It had been there for a few years and I knew that my current trajectory was not going to get me to these goals anytime soon. I felt frustrated and defeated.

Then, in a moment of inspiration, I realized I was waiting on someone to give me the life of my dreams. I was waiting on winning the lottery or my boyfriend to hit it big. I was waiting on this life to be handed to me. 

Right then, I made a decision that forever changed me. I decided that I would no longer wait for this dream to be given to me. I would mount my own white horse and go get it myself!

I created this course for others that are willing to do the same. You know that you are meant for GREATNESS and you are ready to be the hero of your own story.  

If you have a calling to live your life in a bigger, more meaningful way, then you are in the right place and I invite you take the first step. Get on your horse and Get. Off. Your. A**! 

Remember, it's totally risk free. I want this to be the best year you've ever lived and one that changes your trajectory to achieving the GREATNESS within you!



Enroll Today for Only 

$397 $99