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Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

2021 New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner. Goal setting season is almost here and if you’re not using visualization as a tool to help you reach your goals, you are missing out on something pretty transformational! I want to show you how you can use this tool to create an extraordinary life for yourself.


One powerful tool that I want to share to help you on your journey to greatness is visualization. Visualization is the practice of using your imagination to see the outcomes you desire. Using your mind, you can create mental pictures of the world you wish to see, whether that is the view from your new beach house when you wake up each day or the sale of your business for more than you expected. Your mind is a powerful force. The thoughts created from your mind hold the power to determine your destiny.


If you’re not using this as a part of your new year's resolutions or goal planning, you are missing out on this strategy that is scientifically proven to help you accomplish your goals. This practice is no longer perceived as mystical or spiritual and it’s way more than “imagination” or “positive thinking.” This is the power of the brain bringing your thoughts to life!


We’ve had an idea previously about how the mind can transform a thought into a physical response. Just thinking about a lemon being squeezed in your mouth can instantly make you salivate, right? Well, studies show that when you give your mind the vision of a goal you’d like to achieve, the brain seeks to make that goal come to life.


When we repeat behaviors, either mentally or physically, the neural pathways in the brain strengthen. If every time you walk into the kitchen, you grab a snack in the pantry, then the more you repeat that behavior the stronger the brain associates walking into the kitchen with eating. This may not be a behavior that benefits you long-term! Luckily, the brain is adaptive and new behaviors can be formed. Neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to form new neural pathways, can help you break old habits and establish more successful behaviors. Visualizing yourself accomplishing a new, healthy habit can strengthen those neural pathways – even if you’re just imagining it!


I used visualization to help me land my dream job, live in the place that I wanted to, have the type of relationship with my partner, Nate, that I always wanted and even drive the type of car I wanted. I used to live in S florida and I have this bench at the end of my street that faced the intracoastal and I would go there and start to visualize what the next level of my career looked like and my home with a view of the mountains. And I would see these images over-and-over and I was using my brain to help me seek out the right opportunities, ideas, that would help me find a way to make this dream a reality.


Spoiler alert…I did it! I freaking did it! And I believe in this tool so much, I want you to feel the power of knowing that this big dreams that feel like such a far-off fantasy and make them a reality.


So, I have co-authored a book with Jack Canfield called "Success" that is coming out early 2021. In the chapter that I contributed, I talk about how to use visualization and guess what – you can get this chapter for FREE now friends. I want you to check it out and start to practice some of the strategies I share in the book. Go to carisafindley.successbookonline.com.



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