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Uncategorized Oct 17, 2020

Welcome to today's “Here to be Great” guide! Today, I wanted to share more about the mission of the “Here to be Great” guide and how it can help you on your journey towards greatness!

I have a mantra that is: I'm here to be great!

I'm here to be great at everything!

I'm not here to be ordinary.

I'm not here to be average.

I'm here to be great!

I'm here to be great at my job. I'm here to be great at how I help others. I'm here to be a great partner and a great friend.

I want to live an extraordinary life and the “Here to be Great” guide is for anyone, like you, who also wants an exceptional life…who is here to be great! Who wants to live a life that is full of passion, vitality and energy.

The “Here to be Great” guide are all of the tips, tricks and the science-backed research that I've put into my life to help me on my journey towards greatness.

A lot of practices stem around mindfulness. The reason I do that is that mindfulness has been the number one thing that has changed my life more than anything else. When I look at the tools that I've put into place that have helped me to grow and reach the next level, they’re always based around mindfulness practices.

My mindfulness journey has looked a little bit like this…I started off taking yoga because I wanted to increase my flexibility. Out of yoga came an attention to my breath and to understand that life force that is my breath. So, I started to practice mindful breathing.

Then, that led me to a meditation practice. Meditation has been transformative for me. It provided me the ability to tap in to the present moment, to see what my highest self looks like, to experience myself without judgment and shift to an abundance mindset. That has been instrumental in creating my “great” life.

Then, that led me to practicing gratitude. That that led to my ability to see love, lean into love, and make decisions out of love, not fear. Gratitude is a really beautiful practice for me.

Then, that led into learning about visualization. I learned how to leverage the power of my thoughts to make my dreams and hopes attainable.

So, these are tips and tricks that I've picked up over the last 10 to 20 years that are compiled in the “Here to be Great” guide.

I think the greatest impact my mindfulness practice has had is that it has shifted me to living a life that is intentional. My life has become about being conscious of the choices that I make around:

How do I want to show up?

How do I want to serve others?

What do I want my day to be like? What do I want my year to be like? What do I want my life to be like?

How do I consciously create that and be intentional about how I move through my day?

What habits do I have in place? Are they serving me? Are they not?

Also, I realized that this was not an overnight transformation. It was a journey of learning new ideas, adapting them, trying to make them a habit, reflecting on them, finding what worked, finding what didn't work, and constantly evaluating myself from a perspective of growth. How do I show up every day a little bit better than I was yesterday?

Everyone is likely on a different part of their journey. Maybe you just started learning about mindfulness practices. Or, you may be an expert in mindfulness and looking to continue to elevate yourself and people around you.

If you want a bit of insight into what some of those mindfulness practices are, I encourage you to visit my website where I have a fun quiz to help you discover your greatness score. So, where are you at in your journey? Let's shine a light on some of the things in which you are thriving and some of the things that you could develop some stronger habits around.

Visit to take that fun quiz to figure out where you are on your journey to GREATNESS. I hope that you check that out and I hope that you come see me again next week…and that you, friend, are here to be great, too!


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