Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Giving Mindfulness

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2020



Oh 2020! What better time to give your loved ones the gift of mindfulness.


According to a recent study by the American Psychological Association, 2 in 3 adults report having experienced increased stress during the pandemic.


Here’s a list of my fav mindfulness gifts 🎁 (full disclosure- I work for Elements Massage but other than that, I’m not associated with any of these brands and don’t sell them- just a fan!)


Mind Shift Membership by Davidji - one of my favorite meditation teachers 🧘🏻‍♀️


Lululemon’s “the mat” yoga mat- this has been my go-to mat for years! 


I’m a BIG fan of Gabby Bernstein!! The book, “The Universe Has Your Back” helped me create so much positive change in my life! I reread these books over and over! 📚 Also, what a great way to support small businesses by buying local!


Another way to support small business is buying a sage and palo santo kit from a seller on etsy! I just recently purchased a kit for my mom. My boyfriend has a daily ritual of burning palo santo to bring positive vibes to our space ⚡️


MASSAGE 💆🏻- what a great way to help release stress! Like I said, I work for Elements Massage so I know how many positive benefits can come from massage! The studios are independently owned and operated, so this is another great way to support small business! 


“Live Your Yum” is a group nutritional coaching program hosted by The Everyday Yum. This is a great gift to help a loved one (or YOU!) reach 2021 wellness goals!! 💪🏼


Aromatherapy diffuser with some great essential oils! I use Young Living but there are a lot of great options. I put on some lavender at night 😴


Give the gift of mindfulness this year! And if you need some meditation time for yourself to manage the holiday stress, be sure check out the FREE GUIDED MEDITATION.


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