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Uncategorized Jan 12, 2021

I have a question for you about those 2021 goals that you set…and I want you to answer honestly – have you given up on some of them??


We start the new year and we are so freakin pumped and then days, weeks go by and excitement and energy start to get a little lower. We get back to work, stress and fatigue set in and the next thing you know…you’ve given up and you just feel stuck and disappointed with yourself.


Well, …you’re not alone. I saw a stat that says less than 8% of people keep their NY  resolutions. You may be frustrated that you already went off your meal plan,  or Maybe you set a financial goal of saving more money, but your saving account isn’t growing yet. Or – maybe you don’t even set goals anymore because you know that you’ve only failed in the past.


So many people make the same 3 goal-setting mistakes and I want to share how you can finally make a change.


There is so much going on in the world today you can either use the challenges of your external environment as an excuse to give on your big hopes and dreams OR you can commit to grow and thrive no matter what 2021 brings.


To help you thrive, I want to share one way that you can shift out of stuck and finally start making some progress with accomplishing the things you want to achieve…it’s not too late.


Here's one of the common mistakes I see and how to fix it -  I see people spend a lot of time in setting the goal with the highest of intentions to hit this goal, but with no back-up plan in case you get off track. And you’re probably thinking – no! not me, I’m going to stick to it this time.


But let me break it down for you…your mind doesn't want to change. It wants to stay exactly where it is now, where’s there is a safe predictability. It wants to continue to eat the same foods because it likes those foods – new foods? what? You don't know if those will be any good…just keep eating what you always do. Wake up early…no, you don’t need to do that – we know what the day looks like now…don’t change anything.


So, instead of moving forward with blissful ignorance, I want you to have a comfort zone combat plan. Let’s set goals and prepare for our comfort zone attempting to hold us back. We can best prepare if we can predict the road ahead.


So, when you set your goal of eating keto, what is your back up plan when you’re stressed, tired and have no food in the house? It’s gonna happen. How are you going to combat this? Be prepared, maybe you keep a handful of keto bars in the pantry for this exact moment. Maybe you have a go-to delivery meal that you know you’ll order when you hit this trigger.


Get ready to combat your comfort zone. Have a plan! Look at one goal and pick a “worst case scenario” and plan for it! – as another example, if you have a goal to get up early to go to a fitness class, what is the worst case scenario. It’s cold and dark and you didn't sleep well and you don’t want to go. Ok, well for your combat plan, maybe you only book classes at a studio that has a no-show fee. You gotta pay some money if you don't show up. I’ll tell you – that motivates me!


I know it may seem like a buzz kill to think about failure so early into the year (it’s still January). But there are things you can do NOW to make sure you don’t make mistakes that will destroy your progress.


If you’re worried that your stalling or stuck, or even just worried that this year’s results may not be want you want bc you have a story of what’s happened in the past, if that’s you…I invite to join my free Masterclass. In this webinar, I’ll share how to go from stuck to success by learning about the 3 reasons most people don’t reach their goals…and what to do instead!




You’ll leave the masterclass feeling reinspired and with simple actions you can take NOW to make sure that you hit those goals you have always dreamed of!


If you want to join us for this masterclass, click the link below to register! I can’t wait to see you!


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