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Uncategorized Nov 14, 2020

Here’s one of the most important things I have learned: be mindful of the energy that you bring when you walk into a room. This nugget came from the one and only – Oprah, so you know it’s a good one! Let’s talk about one quick trick to help you bring only the best energy into every room you enter.


I want you to be the type of person that everyone is glad to see when you walk into a room! What about the opposite of that…can you picture someone that you just freakin dread every time they come into a room? I’ve called people “Eeyore.” Do you want to be that kind of person? NO! Do people want to work with people like that? NO! Do they want to do have a drink with someone like that? NO! So, let’s uplift the energy in every room we enter!


First, what the hell is energy and why is it so important? You know when you get bad “vibes” from someone? You can’t quite place it…they didn't say anything particularly bad, but you just feel something off. Alternatively, do you know the feeling of being with your bestie and having a fun, uplifting convo and you feel like you are buzzing? Yes! Well, Albert Einstein says, “everything in life is vibration.” We are simply energy.


We are all energy fields and we emit energy off around us that gets picked up by others in all sorts of non-verbal ways like, handshakes, our posture and our facial expressions.

Low vibrational frequency feels heavy, dark and sad. You know when you meet a sibling for dinner and you know immediately that they’ve had a bad day?

High vibrational frequency is energetic, creative, uplifting…like the feeling your partner brings home the day they got a promotion.


The vibes we omit radiate from us and other people pick them up. We’ve all experienced this…your sister has a bad day and after having dinner with her, you’re in a bad mood and short-tempered with your kids when you get home.


What you express energetically either lifts people up or pushes people down! I used to teach 13 fitness classes a week and there would be some mornings where I just couldn’t do it. I did not have it in me. I remember parking in the parking garage and taking the elevator up and I would put my head on the wall of the elevator and think, “I can’t do it…not today.” And then a miracle would happen, I’d hear the ding of the elevator and automatically I’d spring into action like, “Let’s do this!”


So, how do you make sure that you bring in your absolute best energy into a room?

Here’s my trick: set a trigger for yourself - like crossing through a door frame, touching a door handing or, like me, the ding of an elevator. Maybe it’s the sound of your car door closing as you walk up to the house. Maybe it’s the beep that you hear when you scan your key card at the office or the slight creak that the first step on your porch makes.

Find a trigger and set a goal. Every time I encounter that trigger, I shift my energy. I will stand taller and put a smile on my face. Now that I’ve encountered that trigger, I leave my negative energy and get ready to be mindful of how I enter this next room.


Look, does it have to be every room? No, but you know the important ones. Returning home from work, entering a large meeting, going into your kids bedroom to say goodnight…you know the important rooms.


Set a trigger for your important rooms and have awareness. How do you want others to perceive you? Do you want to be the person who brings down the energy of a room with heaviness? Or do you want to be the person that lifts up the energy in a room and energizes others around you? You have a choice and the choice is yours to make!


This is one important habit that I’ve set up to help me live a great life. If you want to reflect on your mindfulness habits and whether or not they are leading you to greatness, check out my quick quiz to discover your greatness score. Visit


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