VIDEO: Saying Bye Bye to Self-Doubt!!

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2020

So recently, that little voice inside my head that says “you're not good enough,” “You can't do that.” “Who do you think you are?” Has been so loud. I don't know about you, but I've really been hearing this voice more and more as I've been trying new things and it's so normal for us to have that kind of negative voice in our head that's trying to sabotage everything that we do.


And here's how I've been dealing with it. And I wanted to share in the event that you, too, find it helpful- is one - I got a great reminder from my coach, Leslie, this week that that voice is not me. And guess what? That voice is not you. That is not us in that voice. And some people give that voice a cute little nickname. I just call it what it is that is fear. That is the voice of fear in my head. Anytime I step outside of my comfort zone, anytime I try something new, anytime I dare to be a little bit better than I was yesterday. I mean, that voice just kicks in and it's just like reacting to leaving the space of our comfort zone, right? Because we don't know what's out beyond our comfort zone. It could be terrifying. What if the world falls apart out there?


But I just remind myself that great things never come from comfort zones. And if I'm hearing that voice - first, it's not me. It's just fear talking. And the more I hear it, the better it is because that really means I'm pushing myself. So that's how I'm getting over that little nasty voice in my head. I hope that helps you.



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